Tutorial how to install BlackWhite sapper svelte website themes template.


Download Node

For first you need to download and install node , donwload here →

Download Source Code

Now you can download this source code on github , donwload here →

Clone repo

Or you can clone this source code repo just open terminal shell npm and run git clone

Installing Web Apps

After download and clone repo you can installing source code , just open your project folder, then open shell terminal npm and run npm install.

Run Web Apps

After installation progress success now you need to run this web apps on browser just input command npm run dev then visit localhost:3000 on web browser.

Build Web Apps

You can change any code and content with you needed, then you can build for productions with run command npm run build if failed you can try run with npx sapper export then you can see and upload folder build static on __sapper __/export for build production. ,then for run prod mode test drive with run npm start

Statis Host

You can deploy on free statis host like firebase or surge, just register create account then create new project , and build your web apps with statis host.

+ Repo Host

You can deply with github,gitlab repo just upload source code on your repo, create account on heroku, vercel , create a new project and connecting your repo with project and run build for deploy yor site.
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